EMSO Installation on Ubuntu 10.04 32 bit

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NEW: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 32 bit users will only need to install 2 packages: libjpgeg62 and libumfpack5.4.0, beginning from a fresh installation of Ubuntu. For that use EMSO version 0.10.7. The remaining steps are the same. (Updated on July 26th, 2012)

ALSOC project and UbuntuThis is a short instruction to how to install EMSO on last Ubuntu version: 10.04 LTS (codename Lucid Lynx). First of all get the last releases of EMSO and VRTherm here. VRTherm is a thermodynamic properties package that works as a plugin of EMSO. Currently the last ones are emso-beta-linux2-i386-0.10.3.tar.gz and vrtherm-linux2-i386-1.4.2.tar.gz. So that untar them:

user@computer:$ tar xzvf emso-beta-linux2-i386-0.10.3.tar.gz
user@computer:$ tar xzvf vrtherm-linux2-i386-1.4.2.tar.gz

If you want to have EMSO and VRTherm available for all users you should copy them to a common place:

user@computer:$ sudo cp -r emso /usr/local
user@computer:$ sudo cp -r dist/vrtherm /usr/local

And create symbolic links to call EMSO and VRTherm:

user@computer:$ sudo ln -s /usr/local/emso/bin/emso /usr/local/bin/emso
user@computer:$ sudo ln -s /usr/local/vrtherm/vrtherm /usr/local/bin/vrtherm

So you can call them anywhere by typing in the terminal:

user@computer:$ emso
user@computer:$ vrtherm

Let’s start getting all the packages necessary from Ubuntu repository.

user@computer:$ sudo apt-get install libumfpack5.4.0 libxml++2.6-2 libxerces-c28 libsuitesparse-metis-3.1.0

And finally the libfox1.4 package must be taking from an old repository. It is essential to run EMSO and VRTherm promptly:

user@computer:$ wget -c http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/f/fox1.4/libfox1.4_1.4.34-1ubuntu1_i386.deb
user@computer:$ sudo dpkg -i libfox1.4_1.4.34-1ubuntu1_i386.deb

Additionally to run all samples you should give write permission to folder /mso/sample (or copy it to your /home folder). EMSO needs to create temporary files to open diagram files (.PFD) otherwise EMSO crashes.

user@computer:$ sudo chmod 771 -R /usr/local/emso/mso/sample

Plugins Configuration
To explore all potential of EMSO you must properly configure the thermodynamic package. Call EMSO and go to “Config” > “Plugins…” and add a plugin called PP and the path to the file libvrpp.so under /usr/local/vrtherm/libvrpp.so as shown in Figure. Pressing “Add Plugin” and “Ok”, PP will be shown in “Registered Plugins” section above. EMSO will be ready after restart application.

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